Susan Lee
contemporary visual art


Susan's exhibition Le calligraphie de l'inaperçu May 3 to June 14th 2009, at La Musée d'art contemporain des Laurentides was a great success. Through the use of metaphor and poetic vision this exhibition explored the intrigue, emotion, and spirituality evoked by water and aquatic life.

(posted on 15 Nov 2006)

October 26th 2006: Susan was given the honour and great pleasure of presenting her painting "View from asteroid 9631 Hubertreeves" to thank Astrophysist and Environmental Speaker Hubert Reeves for presenting a conference in support of the work of Eau Secours, an organization which raises awareness of issues surrounding water use and preservation. Mr. Reeves spoke at the historic Église d'Oka to an audience that spilled from the pews and into the aisles. Through graphs, statistics, and photographs, Mr. Reeves spoke about the environment and how we are very quickly approaching the point of no return. He brought home the importance of cutting down on carbon emissions as well as taking steps to reduce consumption of non-essential goods. His remarks concerning the impact of plastics on the aquatic creatures of the world were of great interest to Susan who lives beside the Lake of Two Mountains. The health of this body of water and the impact that said health (or lack there of) has on the creatures supported by it are of deep concern to her.

Recently Susan exhibited a three dimensional wall hanging titled Cétacé in a Montreal gallery that hosted an exhibition of work made from recycled materials. More than fifty percent of Cétacé is made up of recycled materials that she gathered from the banks of the Lake of Two Mountains in the spring of 2006.

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